Why Should I Sign Up For A Complimentary Coaching Session?



You know, that feeling of being stuck. It’s the worse.


Normally you’re the one that everyone comes to for advice when they get stuck Isn’t it?


All your life you’ve been the go-getter. You’re a perfectionist, If they need it done, they came to you. You loved being busy and it made you happy.


Fast-forward 10-years and your still everyone’s “go to” but this time it’s different. You’re always tired. You're starting projects but you can’t seem to finish anything. But worst of all, nothing seems to give you any joy.


For years you wanted to start your own business but how can you when your satisfying everyone else’s needs but your own.  High achievers like you need clarity, strategy and accountability that will hold their hand and keep them focused until they have finished what they started .


Could you use a partner like that?


Learn more by scheduling a complimentary, coaching session by click the link below and select a day and time that will work for you.

Isn’t it time that you made YOURSELF a priority? Take action today by scheduling your FREE SESSION.

Coaching Testimonials

Pastor Cedric Nelms

"Before I began coaching with Desmond, my focus was on everything and everyone. Now I have a clearer focus as a pastor." 


—  Name, Title

Clarity & Purpose Coaching

When you fight fires like your job, children, career, etc. it's easy to forget who you are and what you really want. This coaching is about getting you back to you.

Accountability Coaching

This package is ideal for professionals who want to stay on task and not drift. Pkg includes 2: 30-minute sessions per month and daily text msg reminders on goals

This training will identify the blocks that get in the way of sales productivity; provide an analysis of your natural sales language and keep you accountable.

Productive Cultures Coaching

Igniting a person is one thing, but getting an entire group on the same page is another. Servant based leadership and collaborative science is our goal.




Desmond Antonio Blackburn is the founder of  IGNITEU Peak Performance Coaching. He is a certified business coach who specializes in teaching existing and would-be business owners on how to sell their vision and products by eliminating the fear of rejection by discovering their natural sales language. Desmond is a speaker and author of three books, “Layoff Proof, “They Will Buy From You” and “How To Fire The Devil As Your Life Coach.”